Why I love Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

Cari and Taryn just released The Boss: Vol. 6, the last in this series, which gave me the impetus to go back and read the whole story from Volume 1. As with all of their books, I almost literally devoured it like it was a steak and I was starving.

The series is a romance, but it had elements of suspense and intrigue in it as well. It was also based around characters that worked in the medium of glass. Both in art and function.

Now, I know nothing about either way to use glass – I’m not an artist, and I’m certainly not familiar with how to use it for security installations – but Cari & Taryn write about the subject with confidence and knowledge that shows me that they’ve done their legwork.

While I know I’m not reading a how-to book, they’ve given me the tools with which to read their book so that I don’t have to think too much about how the donuts are made (as it were). It is what it is, and I can focus on the characters. They’ve also described things in enough detail that I can picture Grace’s art, I can see in my head the room that Blake created to showcase her work. They don’t go overboard… when it comes to one of those scenes they’re stunning in their simplicity.


I also want to talk about their Lost in Oblivion series. These books started my love affair with their work, so I have to devote some paragraphs to them as well. I was given a copy of Seduced in 2013 by Sara at HarlequinJunkie so I could review it. (you can read the review here) I loved it SO. HARD.

Again, they tackled the main subject with knowledge and style. I felt like I understood the business of becoming a Rock band from the bottom up, at least from an outsider’s point of view, once I got to the end of the series.

Without leaving the characters and setting, I absorbed the images of the cabin where Nick and Grey bunked when they got sent away from the rest of the band. The studios they got to record in when they switched labels. The laundromat they lived in when they  were still nobodies. Even the soulless penthouse they were given by the agents that wanted to cheat them out of the band’s heart.

And the characters… I loved them all. Even goddamned Nick. He was a rollercoaster of a ride to say the least. I cared about these guys and gals like I knew them. I wanted to try Harper’s food, go on one of the band’s treasure hunts, watch Jazz wail away on her drum kit. I would’ve paid a scalper to get tickets to one of their concerts in a heartbeat.

That’s how real they felt to me. Such a rare quality to see these days. I’ve been lucky finding authors that fall in love with writing – and I’m quite sure writing is one of Cari’s & Taryn’s soulmates. (not mine judging by that last sentence. ;-))

So please, check them out if you’re at all inclined to do so after putting these words in your eyeholes. click on my links, support good authors. I’ll even link to their stuff on amazon so you can pick up their work for yourself. Do it, you won’t be sorry.



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