Warcraft Movie Fan Event

It’s no secret that hubs and I play Warcraft, but what you might not know is that we’ve been playing since the RTS, ‘Warcraft: Orcs & Humans’ came out in the mid 90s. I’ve been enthralled by the lore of Azeroth since that day. The programmers created a rich world and story that drew me in and immersed me deeply.

I’ve read most of the books, which adds another layer, and of course, playing World of Warcraft gives the story yet another dimension. For the most part, the authors keep the lore true to itself, and continue the story with each expansion and major patch.

DalaranNeedless to say, when they announced the movie I was incredibly excited. I was lucky enough to have attended that Blizzcon (we’ve been to three), and the attendees were all really psyched to hear about it. The plans have gone through several iterations between then and now – and I have to say I’m super pleased with the result.

The attention to detail made me feel like I’d actually dropped into Azeroth. Of course, it helped that the Fan Experience was in 3D IMAX. I usually LOATHE 3D, but I was really happy with Warcraft in Three Dimensions. I’m guessing they filmed it with 3D in mind – which makes all the difference.

KoboldPosterIt’s exciting to see the locations from playing come to life on the big screen, and since it plays out in the past, guessing at the locations was a little game I played in my head. I don’t think I’m spoiling anything when I say that many of the areas we know in the game today were created during the course of the Warcraft movie. Really exciting for a Lorehound like me.

I absolutely loved seeing it with a group of other people that were just as invested as I, not to mention feeling the enthusiasm around us. A woman several rows in front of us had a pepe plush on her head (it’s stadium seating – she wasn’t blocking anybody’s view), most of the people were dressed in nerdy clothes, like Sci-Fi / Gaming / Superhero T-shirts, and we even had some cosplayers! I got a pic of Garona, who was uber nice – and I loved her because of course, she’s my server (Garona US).

Along with our special showing, we got some fun swag. Nothing big, some lanyards and posters – but it was awesome to have a souvenir to bring home.

All in all, it was great fun. 10/10 – would see again.

Our swag

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