Goodreads Challenge 2016 Update

I promised to write some posts about my reading challenge, but at this point, I didn’t want to “brag” about how far ahead I am. If I continue at this pace, I’m probably going to at least double my projected goal of 200 books.

7261828I read “Strangers” by Barbara Elsborg over the last two days. It was longer than the books I’ve been reading so far, and it really kept my attention. The reviews on GR teeter between love and hate, and I admit – I can see why. The writing was exceptional which allowed me to overlook the flaws, although they were pretty big.

The Linda Howard book you see in the list above was really two books together┬áthat were reissues, but I hadn’t read either of them before. It’s been a long time since I’ve read one of her books, and now I’m craving another. The two contained in that mini-anthology were early works, and they were slightly less sophisticated than her more recent stuff. I love the way she mixes serious spine-tingling suspense with a sexy, engrossing romance.

I’ve hovered over other genres, but for some reason I can’t seem to motivate myself to stray from romance-y books yet. I’m trying to keep my spirits up, so I’m sticking to books with happy endings – and the stuff I’m reading has mostly remained in that category.

Anyway, there I am – at just under 50 books midway through February. Deadpool is out this weekend, so I’m not sure I’ll hit that mark until after the halfway point, but who knows.


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