Making Up For Lost Words

If you know me, even casually, you probably know I love to read. However, over the last two years I’ve had to almost stop reading because of my sight issues. I got my new glasses some time ago, and I’m beginning to read with some steam behind it.

When I got my yearly “Reading Challenge” email from Goodreads, I clicked the link and set my goal at 200 books. I’m sure some of you think that’s very high, but before 2013 I wouldn’t even have blinked at that number. I gobble up books like M&Ms.


As you can see, I’ve already read four books. I blew through the entire “Unraveling You” series by Jessica Sorensen in two blocks of time on January 1st.

I’m already about 25% into “Forward Pass” by Desiree Holt, and I’ll go on to Book Two in the Game On series (“Line of Scrimmage”) when I’m done.

I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to pick back up at this speed, and I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it up. My schedule is pretty hectic when the shows I podcast about are actively on Television, but I’m going to do my best to set aside at least one day a week to just sit down and read.

So there’s my goal – now that I’ve said it publicly, that’ll keep my honest. Is there something you want to get back into? Maybe we can all root for each other in 2016.

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