As something that happens to me often evolved on October 16, 2014, A twitter conversation between @fembot77 and me – plus a few others  – had a discussion about an ebook we just couldn’t believe existed.

It was a book labeled “cable erotica”, and it involved a woman being violated by an HDMI cable. You can’t believe it either? Well, it’s true. Here’s the proof.

22732943Dia was kind enough to purchase a copy for me as a “gift”, and the discussion continued. I remembered that last year I recorded an M-rated Castle fanfic, and the idea hit to record an “audiobook” reading of this lovely title.

Then, an idea began to form. The day went on, and the time came for me to record my Sleepy Hollow podcast with Jamie Parrish, and I happened to mention the twitter conversation to him.

He thought it was an amazing idea, and he expanded upon it. He threw out the title “BIZZROTICA” and the thought that we could get different people to read these off-beat (pardon the innuendo) titles in order to let people know these interesting books are out there – just waiting for you to enjoy them. (some might say they’re lurking… but hey, potato, potah-to)

So here’s the first audio file to start things off – read by yours truly. I tried to read it as seriously as possible, and I even gave it a backing soundtrack to set the mood. The words are all Sinn’s – so please… enjoy.

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